Shuffle is about living in the city – in the best way possible. It's about the quality of spaces in the city and the interconnectedness of the people that exist in these places. Shuffle is about really being in a place and continuing to make a place more beautiful, interesting and full of opportunity. It is about shaping a place for living well – rather than to maximise profit – the death knell for so many parts of London that were once interesting. This is achieved simply by the new concept of 'placemaking' - in line with what the local community, from elderly custodians & young families, to young children, feel is important.

The way Shuffle hopes to succeed in this mission is through three main areas:
1. Affordability
2. Participation + the combining of cultures
3. Design and creativity of the space

By acting in and around Mile End we hope to establish this 3-part model as a counterpoint to current regeneration trends:
1. St Clements street frontage – which was campaigned for and won as a permanent cultural hub through Shuffle 2013 and the finer details for how this will work are being developed by the team.

2. Linking existing community centres and public places to create a comprehensive place, through programming and permanent spatial, architectural and mixed-use projects. Such places around Mile End include Southern Grove Community Centre, the forgotten Maplin St streetscape, the vacant former women's workhouse on Southern Grove and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

3. Resisting bland gentrification and homogenisation by providing spaces and programmes that both appeal / are run by different groups within the community and operate on the different strengths and interests of these people.

Shuffle's beginnings


Following the success of our summer festival, we brought Shuffle back to Mile End with a warm and relaxing winter session. Mulled wine and cider warmed you up as you listened to science lectures, film Q&As, and the odd celebrities knocking around.

Camerawork and editing: Vin Shahrestani

Shuffle Festival started as an initiative of The East London Community Land Trust, is run by a small group of individuals and aided by hundreds of volunteers. It originally operated on the grounds of St Clements Hospital - a former workhouse and psychiatric hospital in the heart of Mile End.

Professor Brian Cox shares his thoughts on Shuffle Festival, science, art, and community spaces.  

Jarvis Cocker rediscovers Mile End at Winter Shuffle and enjoys a martini.

In 2012  the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, made history by creating the first Urban Community Land Trust in London. This Community Land Trust will stand within the redevelopment of St Clement's.

In August 2013, the first ever Shuffle Festival - curated by Danny Boyle - celebrated what this space means to local people, and what this groundbreaking development could be.

Winter Shuffle was the second exciting festival of events at the former St Clement's Hospital in December 2013.

Time Out interview Danny Boyle at St Clement's about his involvement with Shuffle Festival and the Land Trust.

Mark Kermode interviews Danny Boyle and Professor Brian Cox at Winter Shuffle.