Shuffle Festival 2017 inhabited a series of obscured and more intimate spaces for films, performances and music. We played around with our right to public space, as people inhabiting a city, and as a generation that owns less than the previous. Shuffle expanded outside of the walls of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, to explore public and private spaces in Mile End, scaffold yards, rooftops, community centres, shops and gardens you never knew were yours.

Shuffle Festival 2016 explored the role that myth, belief, and reverence has in humanity. In the sacred surrounds of London’s most urban woodland, there were 24 hours of  films, science, talks, walks, performance, food & music. The festival took on the style of an ancient all night festival of the gods with the help of Ken and the Friends at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.


Shuffle Festival 2015 was once again held in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. This year with pavilions built amongst the trees and a third screen in the cemetery lodge. The theme was Movement, Migration & Place.

Shuffle Festival 2014 was held in the beautiful Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park for five days of films, art, science, theatre, talks and picnics following the themes nature, survival and death.

Shuffle was awarded Heritage Lottery funding to curate and produce this exhibition covering the history of St Clements from it's beginnings as a workhouse to the present day.

Winter Shuffle was the second exciting festival of events at the former St Clement's Hospital in December 2013.

In August 2013, the first ever Shuffle Festival - curated by Danny Boyle - celebrated what this space means to local people, and what this groundbreaking development could be.