Grounded's Den, is a dynamic, live art exhibition in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park that celebrates rural crafts and country living.  A place where you can do some green woodworking, using wood from the Cemetery Park, and a traditional shaving horse, to make your very own spatula.

You could make a hanging mobile from local sourced, natural materials all foraged from beaches and rivers from across the South of England.  Then choose to take your hanging art home or leave it with us at the den for all to admire to make the den a constantly evolving, live art display.

During our stay at Shuffle we will have some live music from Boxcat Joe Strouzer and Jerome Batson, so, please come by to say 'hello' and join us at our den and our campfire where you'll discover a place to relax, be creative and enjoy a hot beverage from our wide selection of teas.

Photos from Grounded's recent camp at Glastonbury.