Shuffle Festival Restaurant Press Release 2017

For Immediate Release

Shuffle Festival Restaurant - Eat With Your Hands’


‘Shuffle Festivals restaurant will have you eating with your hands for sure’

In this year's chapter of Shuffle Festival, the restaurant is taking you on a sensual spice journey.

Once again the Shuffle Festival summer restaurant and bar returns to the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.  Shuffle has teamed up with Chefs India Hamilton and Anjli Vyas to open an outdoor restaurant inspired by the spice trail titled, ‘Eat With Your Hands’.  The restaurant will be built over a pond gazing into 33 acres of London's most urban woodland.

Tower Hamlets cemetery will be transformed into an immersive dining experience,  where your palate will wander through the spice trail and encounter all in between.

The restaurant will run for a total of three weeks commencing, 4th - 27th August 2017 (excluding Mondays & Tuesdays). Diners will be able to indulge in a daily three-course dinner menu or a two-course weekend brunch menu. The restaurant will take advance lunch and dinner bookings, while the bar is open to all.

The entire restaurant experience has adapted the festivals 2017 theme of ‘Public and Private spaces’ and raises different questions through how we eat and who we eat with.

Chefs, India Hamilton and Anjli Vyas have curated a sensory experience which explores what it means to dine in privacy, paying close to attention to how we cleanse, eat and communicate.

“Like anything else, eating is a ritual. We all have our own, unique way of doing something, however we wanted to question the lines of rituals between public and private. Does the way we eat change based on the environment we are in, do we act differently, do we change? This is curated through the experience.“ said Chef Anjli Vyas

“We felt it was especially important to explore the human dining experience, and how the way you eat changes with your environment. To see if we can challenge conformity and improve the impact of community” Chef India Hamilton.

You’ll be taken on a voyage through the east, feasting on flavours from Persia and India, where you’ll be only be eating with your hands. Diners can look forward to views of the dense jungle-like surrounds of the park and participate in the ongoing restoration of The Lodge in this urban oasis.

A post-dinner evening walk will reveal the wider team building in the grounds in preparation for this years’ festival on the 26th & 27th August. Enter another world where the city comes alive with the work of local artists and the call of a wilder London.


About the chefs

India Hamilton is an acclaimed London based chef, working heavily in the food sustainability and innovation space.  She had spearheaded the Shuffle Festival restaurant from 2012-2015 India is a Cordon Bleu Alumni. Her aim is to create ‘wow’ foods, local in a sustainable, accessible way.  She now runs a farm to table kitchen and grocery store in Hyderabad, India.

Anjli Vyas, is a plant based chef based in Mumbai. Originally from England, she moved to Mumbai in 2013 and has been crafting Raw Food dishes ever since. Anjli Vyas is Matthew Kenney Alumni and also runs food + Culture platform, Bare Kitchen (www.Bare.Kitchen).





Woodland Mezze - A foraged haven of taste awaits you. Amongst the wild forest you’ll encounter sour, spice, floral infusions of the east [Cheese, Herbs, Figs, Nuts, Jam, Hummus] (V/VG)

Second (Choice of one)

Aloo chaat - Wander through the spice trail with a smattering of salt, spice and sour [Hung yogurt, Chickpeas, Bread and Pomegranate salad]  (V/VG)

Caesar salad - Earthy whole greens pleasures with a twist.

[with a Poached Egg or grilled tofu, bread & Romaine Lettuce] (V/VG)

Clay pot Shatzuka (with sausages + bread) - Dip into an earthen clay-pot dream (V) [with sausages*, bread, Yogurt, Tomato & Egg]

Spiced halwa on pancakes - The sweetest taboo [Organic baby carrots/fennel, saffron buckwheat pancakes] (V/VG)


Indian Summer Bloody Mary - Awaken your senses in a dance of sour and spice  [Green mango, spices, orange juice & vodka]**

Juice / Tea / coffee


** mocktail available




Woodland Mezze - A foraged haven of taste awaits you. Amongst the wild forest you’ll encounter sour, spice, floral infusions of the east [Cheese, Herbs, Figs, Nuts, Jam, Hummus] (V/VG)

Second (Choice of one)

Of the land - Indian spiced roast chicken [Organic & Halal Chicken, Onion, Coriander and Pepper)

Through oceans - [Herb Marinated Catch of the day]

Grow slowly - Tahini Glazed Aubergine Tagine [Aubergine, Couscous, Tomatoes and Nuts] (VG)

All served with Pilaf & Aloo chaat (V)



The sweetest taboo

Spiced halwa with Barberry Dukkah and Claypot yogurt

[Organic baby carrots/fennel, saffron, pistachio & yogurt] (V/VG)


Bar Menu

Indian  Summer - Sour Mango & Orange Cocktail


< End >



Venue: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park,

Restaurant Dates: 4th - 27th August 2017

Experience Cost: Set Brunch: £20pp /  Set Dinner: £17pp


Dinner: Wednesday - Sunday, 6pm - 10:30pm

(6pm & 8pm Seating)


Brunch: Saturday & Sunday Only, 10am - 2pm

(10am & 12pm Seating)


Tickets available at:

Ticketing partners: Yplan


Kate Mactiernan, Shuffle Festival


t: 07545352047


Anjli Vyas, Chef & Restaurant Manager

t: 07377240564


Festival Website:




Hashatgs: #EatWithYourHands


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