This year Shuffle runs a schools prize to invite young people to understand, explore and question the presence of air pollution in our city, inspired by this year’s festival theme: Public / Private.  

We’re asking young people to develop creative responses to air pollution in London.

Over the past year there has been a rise in reports around air pollution in London. Is this great public asset, the air we breathe, being tainted? If so, by whom? How bad is the risk to our health and our environment? What is your personal experience? What are possible solutions? We ask children aged 9 to 12 to make imaginative works, images, films to inspire adults to do something about it

Entries can be in any medium that you’d like to explore. We’re open to a graphic poster design, short film, game, website, experiment, photography project, story or poem - just as a few examples.

If your school or youth group would like some creative support for the competition, Shuffle can run an artists workshop to help inspire ideas and experimentation across media. If you are interested in booking an artists workshop email lizzieprentis@shufflefestival.co.uk.

All entries will be shown ON THE BIG SCREEN at the festival! So come down and see your work displayed. Winners will be announced on the evening of Sunday 27th August

The winning projects will win a trip to the Eden Project, the largest rainforest in captivity!


Please submit one entry per person (or as a group) by midday Friday 11th August to emilie@shufflefestival.co.uk. If your submission is digital but too large to send via email you may want to use wetransfer.com.

Your submission should be in these formats:

  • Text files 1 A4 page maximum as a PDF.

  • Image files at 300dpi and as JPEGS.

  • Podcasts as a link.

  • Films as a .mov or vimeo link.

  • Websites as a URL.
  • But do get in touch if your project is in a different digital format!

Please include the following with your submission:

  • Your full name(s)
  • The name of the adult helping you with the project (teacher/parent/carer)
  • Your school
  • Contact email
  • Your project title
  • A short explanation about your project