Shuffle Festival 2015: Movement, Migration & Place

The journeys, movements, resettlements, discoveries and upheaval of communities to new places and new lands has been the abiding story of humanity. In London the influx creates a heady mixture of people who come together to inhabit the city; bringing ever more complexity, variety and exuberance. In our own lives we experience it viscerally and emotionally – either moving away from family, familiarity and home, or remaining in the place we grew up, watching the rapid changes around us. Overseas and at our own borders debates rage on about who should come in and who should stay out. People leave dangerous places run by dangerous people, crossing the sea in large numbers to find safety and life in a new place.

In Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, where many people in East London have come to rest beneath the blanket of trees, we tell the stories of where we came from, where we are and where we are going. 




2015 Evaluation Report