A short clip of India, our chef, foraging in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Symbiosis: the relationship between two different organisms living in close physical association, whether mutually beneficial or not.

Walk deep in the woods of Shuffle Festival and climb the branches to dine at the Symbiosis Treehouse Restaurant.  Enjoy an imaginative three course meal combining culinary delight and scientific curiosity by our chef India Hamilton, and sample specialist ingredients both from far-off lands or more local pastures.

In keeping with the theme, we suggest you invite someone who has had some influence on your life, and experience the calming surrounds of treetops, glittering lights, bubbling microalgae and the soft glow of bioluminescence.

**Tickets are a set price of £15 for a three-course meal.**

Vegetarian and halal options available. 
Please make a booking for lunch or dinner below: