Memory Map: Plan for a city

Artist Kimbal Bumstead on a two day residency at the Homestead Pavillion

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th from early evening. Come and visit and contribute a drawing or a memory whilst enjoying tea and toast at the Homestead Pavillion.

Memory Map, Marsala Road, Kimbal Bumstead

Memory Map, Marsala Road, Kimbal Bumstead

Drawing on the diversity of backgrounds of the population of Tower Hamlets, Kimbal Bumstead’s project “Memory Map” asks us to think about place as a collection of personal experiences, and how to record these experiences through the act of drawing. As a part of the Homestead Pavilion, visitors will be invited to recall a memory of their childhood home by contributing a drawing of the ground plan of the house, as if seen from above, to a collective fantasy ‘map’. The map will grow between Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th July, with drawings, text and images relating to memories of that childhood home. How collectively can we negotiate the conjoining of memories? How do we all fit together?

There will be a guided performance walk (on Tuesday Evening?) around the park, followed by a discussion, to think about how we can use this map of memories to navigate the place we are now in.

Kimbal Bumstead NL/UK is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and performer whose work is project led and situation-specific. His work explores notions of nomadic identity, fantasy and home. Recently he has been working with different refugee groups with projects focusing on storytelling and migration, and is currently working on a video project about nomadic communities in Mongolia.