Monday evening Memory Map and marshmallows

Often when we've needed something, the answer arrives from between the compost heap and the grave stones. Last week, when faced with moving the very heavy pavillion, sixteen JP Morgan Investment Bankers on an 'away day' in the Cemetery were passing by with wheelbarrows. Akin to scene from Fitzcoraldo, they picked up the structure, and shuffled it to it's current location. 

Given the dampness of our ground/wood/water falling out of the sky, we've been struggling to the light the fire. In the midst of frustration with our scrunched up paper and in determination not to simply lob petrol all over the pit, a lone man clutching a can of lemonade sloped in to the homestead, in need of an occupation. He quietly took the lead. It transpired he was an expert fire-lighter from the South of France (wolf country, apparently). Using his can of lemonade, twisting sheets of newspaper around it to form a hollow tower, and insisting that in France you use a wine bottle, he made us a fire arguably too big for our ranch.


Phillip, a committed Shuffle volunteer has taken up residence with us at the Homestead for the past two days, talking westerns, Fassbender, Stepney. Dave stopped by on his way home from work for tea and table tennis. 


Resident artist Kimball continued the Memory Map project and will soon be writing a piece about the conversations the project sparked amongst visitors.