Performance and video artist Marcus Orlandi comes to spend some time at the Homestead on Saturday 1st August from 6pm


Marcus Orlandi creates new work Nest for The Homestead Pavilion that will aim to challenge the perceptions of the homemaker. This durational performance piece will unearth the ritualistic gestures found in the extraneous actions of outdoor living and aim to question the temporality of a nomadic way of life. 


Repetitive tasks will be completed in turn within the landscape to create a fragile installation of incidental landworks made from natural, house-building materials. Nest will naturally conclude once all material is reshaped and re-purposed into an item of practical worth and the space changed to form order out of chaos. Audiences are invited to watch this physical performance piece that incorporates movement, installation and sculpture that will alter a given space and make settlements where there were none. 


Marcus Orlandi is a performance and video artist based in London. Previous commissions include Pre-Tape for the Camden Arts Centre, 3:16 for the London Word Festival and Catch for The Nunnery Gallery. Past curatorial performance projects include CHANCE//ACTION for Kingsgate Workshops and Prop and Proposition: the body as sculpture at Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery, London.